Anagrams Series '2015'

Dimensions: 160 x 125cm

Medium: Lenticular pigment

Background: The original Mona Lisa painting which resides at the Louvre in Paris is a portrait of Lisa Gherardini by the Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci, it is the most valuable work of art in the world. Agostinelli's modern day reinvention of a historical master piece attempts to unlock the greatest secret found in her facial expression, 'ah not a smile'.

Process: Agostinelli works with lenticular pigment for the Anagrams Series '2015'. Using a lenticular lens printing process directed onto resin based plastic substrate, forms a 3D effect with a flip image, revealing several layers of hidden meaning and depth. The embedded text is overlaid directly onto the image creating a fusion upon moving from the centre frame of the piece. The viewer experiences the anagram of 'THE MONA LISA' to reveal 'AH NOT A SMILE' in a systematically fluid process. The lenticular acrylic pigment is used in a complex multi step process consisting of several images and frames interlacing to combine what appears to be an image with real depth and three-dimensional effects. The lenticular lens allows for the ‘Anagram Text’ to alternate and flip back and forth seamlessly depending on the angle viewed.