Palindromes Series '2014'

Dimensions: 155 x 120cm

Medium: Matt ink screen print on vinyl & acrylic mirror

Background: The Cora Sun Drop (also known as the tear of the sun) is the largest yellow pear shaped diamond ever known to man, weighing over 110 carats it was found in South Africa in 2010. Tests show that the gemstone was formed up to 3 billion years ago. Since 2011 it was kept in The Vault of the London Natural History Museum together with many other precious mega gems, such as the Duke of Devonshire Emerald and the Aurora Pyramid of Hope.

Process: Agostinelli works with matt ink and screen print on vinyl using an acrylic mirror as his "canvas" in order to give further depth and reflective composition. The 'palindrome text phrases' are bonded together with the medium by default through its application.