Anagrams Series '2015'

Dimensions: 160 x 125cm

Medium: Lenticular pigment

Background: This work sends a very simple and clear message; ‘love our planet’, because essentially we are all ‘one’ in our ‘uni’verse. In a world where we often take what we have for granted, Agostinelli aims to recalibrate our thinking in order to help us acknowledge just how significant our role is in ensuring our fate. Agostinelli attempts to help the viewer recognise the coincidentally and miraculously profound hidden meaning layered deeply within our language and communication. Just as Pi or the Fibonacci pattern can be found both on a molecular and cosmic level the same is true of our ‘heart’ and ‘earth’. Our very ‘heart’, the most vital organ which allows us to live, is no different to our only home, ‘earth’. Together they systematically sustains life, both pulse at the same rate and this synchronised frequency should serve as an equalizer to any doubts one may hold. The fact is, ‘planet earth’ is indeed our ‘eternal path’ and "home is where the heart is" therefore the sooner we comprehend this reality the more effective we can be in ensuring humanity remains alive and ultimately survives to become an inter planetary species.


Process: Agostinelli has tried to convey this message as clearly as possible using a process known as lenticular pigment for the Anagrams Series '2015'. Using a lenticular lens printing process directed onto resin based plastic substrate, forms a 3D effect with a flip image, revealing several layers of hidden meaning and depth. The embedded text is overlaid directly onto the image creating a fusion upon moving from the centre frame of the piece. The viewer experiences the anagram of 'HEART' to reveal 'EARTH' in a systematically fluid process. The lenticular acrylic pigment is used in a complex multi step process consisting of several images and frames interlacing to combine what appears to be an image with real depth and three-dimensional effects. The lenticular lens allows for the ‘Anagram Text’ to alternate and flip back and forth seamlessly depending on the angle viewed.